Another Lesson Learned the Hard Way

During a “Planning a State-of-the-Art Financial System” seminar in the early 1990s shortly after 1.0 ERP Systems were released, Al Enzweiler used the name of a CFO as an example of a manager who had participated in the seminar, got answers to questions and sage advice on how;

  • Managers on organization chart(s) could set and manage to hit metric targets to consistently make their contributions to hitting top line targets for revenue, costs and margins by using; customer demand forecasting models, Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) models, other supply chain planning models, synchronized databases, databases, and an ERP System used to maintain bill-of-materials databases and other databases used by a supply chain system
  • Productivity gains could be realized by using an ERP System to maintain financial databases used to publish audited financial statements, required to report quarterly earnings
  • An ERP System which had been architected and developed by an IT supplier to be sold to and used by their customers as a licensed software product could be configured, demonstrated, and implemented for a small budget to be used to; maintain databases, realize productivity, incur depreciation expenses which are in their enterprise’s best interest, as could be negotiated and planned by an Architecture Team

After participating in a one-day seminar, a CFO decided to be an initial member of the next client’s Architecture Team. After participating in a one-day seminar, another participant decided to hire an initial member of a client’s Architecture Team.

After learning that lesson the hard way, Al Enzweiler decided it was in clients’ best interest to quit publishing their names.

Evaluating Consulting Firms Proposing an Architecture Team Methodology

Deciding to stop publishing the names of Enzweiler’s clients was an easy decision for Al Enzweiler to make.

In 2022 consulting firms with the integrity to propose starting an engagement with one of the firm’s Senior System Architects who can architect Targets System(s) using a client’s organization chart(s) and Income Statement(s), are evaluated by initial member(s) of the next client’s Architecture Team reading the firm’s proposal published on the Internet.