Benchmarks can be used as the facts to rank Targets Systems as enterprises’ #1 system over a very long duration.

Artificial Intelligence vs Targets Systems

When Targets System(s) are being used by managers to continually improve at setting and managing to hit metric targets to consistently make their contributions to hitting top line targets for revenue, costs, and margins, then; artificial intelligence, business intelligence, machine learning, big data, digital transformation, complex information processing*, data processing (DP), information technology (IT), other terms coined and used for using databases can be used to;

  • Forecast the impact of external head/tail winds on at least four (4) future quarters’ earnings targets, which were computed using earnings projection model(s) as integral part(s) of Targets System(s)
  • Manage SG&A expenses listed on Income Statements, which are not already being effectively managed by using budgets, or not already being effectively controlled by using an internal system of controls required to pass an audit by a CPA firm

Improving the accuracy of the forecast of external head/tail winds will improve the accuracy of future earnings projections but will not contribute to hitting earnings targets.

Using artificial intelligence and other terms for using databases to manage discretionary SG&A expenses will contribute to hitting earnings targets, but the contribution will not be greater than the contributions being made using Targets System(s).

*Credit to Christopher Mims of the Wall Street Journal who published the fact that Herbert A. Simon of Carnegie Mellon coined the term “complex information processing.” The fact was published in a July 31, 2021, Wall Street Journal article titled “Artificial Intelligence’s Big Chill”.

Systems Used to Maintain Databases vs Targets Systems

Databases maintained by using; social media systems, digital advertising systems, digital marketing systems, CRM Systems, Human Capital Management Systems, ERP Systems, other systems could be analyzed to discover data correlations used to; architect, develop, demonstrate, use, and continually improve models used as integral parts of Targets Systems, and/or could be synchronized to be used by managers to hit their metric targets using Actual vs Metric Targets and Actual vs  Plan dashboards as integral parts of Targets System(s).

Systems Used to Realize Productivity Gains Maintaining Financial Databases vs Targets Systems

ERP Systems, financial systems, consolidation systems, payroll systems, benefit administration systems, customer transaction systems, accounts receivable systems, supplier transaction systems, accounts payable systems could be used to realize productivity gains maintaining financial databases used to publish audited financial statements required to report quarterly earnings.

Realizing productivity gains will contribute to hitting earnings targets. The contributions made to hitting earnings targets will be less than contributions made to hitting top line targets using Targets Systems.

Targets Systems Ranked as Enterprises’ #1 System Over a Very Long Duration

Until the facts change, Targets Systems will be used as enterprises’ #1 system over the long duration enterprises’ audited financial statements will be published to report quarterly earnings.

“Benchmarking World Class Systems”

After the 1.0 release of Targets Systems in 1997, Al Enzweiler started conducting the seminar Benchmarking World Class Systems as the marketing campaign for Enzweiler’s Architecture Team Methodology. Seminar participants got answers to their questions and sage advice on how Targets Systems could be used as enterprises’ #1 system over a very long duration.

By the mid-morning break some seminar participants had decided it was in their enterprise’s best interest to be an initial member of an Architecture Team responsible for completing the current version of Enzweiler’s Architecture Team Methodology.