To Schedule an Initial Investigation

To schedule an Initial Investigation with Al Enzweiler, the Senior System Architect who is proposed to collaborate as one member of your Architecture Team, please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Prepare for Completing an Initial Investigation In Less Than an Hour and Before Consulting Fees Are Incurred

If you or any member of your management team(s) have questions on if it is in your enterprise’s best interest to complete an improved 2023 version of Enzweiler’s Architecture Team Methodology, then please be prepared to ask your questions during collaborations to complete an Initial Investigation.  Another alternative, you can e-mail your questions to

The comparatively small, fixed price consulting fee quoted at the completion of an Initial Investigation is based upon the number of management team(s) who will consistently make their contributions to hitting top line targets on Income Statement(s) using Targets System(s). Please be prepared to provide this number.

Request Dates and Times

Al Enzweiler is available to collaborate with initial member(s) of the next client’s Architecture Team – Monday through Thursday, 8am to 12pm eastern time zone. Use the contact form to request dates and times for scheduling your Initial Investigation.

Initial Investigations are a phone call. If there is more than one initial member of your Architecture Team, then please arrange a conference call.

Unless you are notified otherwise, within 24 hours of receiving a request to schedule an Initial Investigation, Al Enzweiler will respond to confirm the requested date and time or to propose alternative dates and times.

Request to Schedule an Initial Investigation

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