On The Beach

At a neighborhood social event Ashley asked Al Enzweiler, “You’ve been going fishing almost every day lately did you get furloughed?” Al’s response, “No, I am one of a consulting firm’s Senior System Architects who is on the beach. “On the beach” is a term used by consulting firms when a consultant has completed the last client’s engagement but has not started the next client’s engagement”.

While I am on the beach; I spend time with my family and friends, go fishing, stroll into downtown for good times and use the lessons learned completing the last client’s engagement to make improvements to the 2023 version of Enzweiler’s Architecture Team Methodology used to start the next client’s engagement. I have a life that I enjoy, rewarding work that I enjoy, and my optimal life/work balance.”

What is Enzweiler’s Architecture Team Methodology?

Ashley asked, “What is Enzweiler’s Architecture Team Methodology?” Al’s answer, “It is a methodology which starts with a CEO, and/or CFO, and/or CIO collaborating as initial members of the next client’s Architecture Team with one of the firm’s Senior System Architect to complete an Initial Investigation.

An Initial Investigation is completed in less than an hour and before consulting fees are incurred, by deciding if it is in their enterprise’s best interest to consistently make contributions to hitting top line targets on Income Statement(s) using and continually improving Targets System(s).

What Is a Targets System?

Ashley asked, “What is a Targets System?” Al’s answer, “Targets System(s) will be architected by members of the next client’s Architecture Team to be developed, demonstrated, used, and continually improved by managers on their organization chart(s), to consistently make their contributions to hitting top line targets on Income Statement(s).”

I Could Raise the First Round of Capital

“Holy cow every enterprise which publishes audited financial statements to report quarterly earnings could use Targets Systems as their enterprise’s #1 system. The market for Targets Systems is greater than the market for; artificial intelligence, business intelligence, machine learning, digital transformation, and other uses of databases!

I am a partner in a private equity firm who could raise the first round of capital which could be used to grow your consulting firm into a big consulting firm charging big fees.” said Ashley.

What Happens After Raising the First Round of Capital?

Al asked, “What happens after we raise the first round of capital?” Ashley laughed and said, “That is the best part. We will use an earnings projection model to project your consulting firm’s future years’ earnings. When graphed projected future years’ earnings will resemble a hockey stick. When the IPO is issued, or we sell to a SPAC you will make billions.”

After Making Billions Then What Would I Do?

“After making billions, then what would I do?” asked Al. Ashley thought for a minute and then she said, “Well you could retire, spend time with your family and friends, go fishing, stroll into downtown for good times, and maybe you could find some rewarding work that you enjoy so you could balance your life.”

Credit to Heinrich Böll for Al Enzweiler’s adoption of his Story of the Mexican Fisherman used to answer the questions on why Enzweiler, the #1 consulting firm doing business in the United States and Canada, is not a big consulting firm.