Benchmarking World Class Systems

In 1998 Al Enzweiler started conducting the seminar Benchmarking World Class Systems to market Enzweiler’s Architecture Team Methodology. Each seminar started with Al Enzweiler explaining how data on contributions which could be consistently made to hitting top line targets on Income Statements by managing to use; Targets Systems, synchronized databases, and databases, could be used to benchmark Target Systems against artificial intelligence, business intelligence, machine learning, digital transformation, and other terms coined and used by IT suppliers and their ecosystem partners for using databases.

At the completion of the seminar, some of the seminar participants had decided it was in their enterprise’s best interest to be an initial member of an Architecture Team responsible for collaborating with one of Enzweiler’s Senior System Architects over a short duration to complete the current version of Enzweiler’s Architecture Team Methodology.

Most of the terms coined and used by IT suppliers and their ecosystem partners for using databases which were benchmarked against Targets Systems in the Digital Age of 2001 are still being used in 2023, exceptions are;

  • Artificial Intelligence was Data Mining in 2001
  • Algorithms were; forecasting models, planning models, and Advanced Planning Systems in 2001
  • Cloud was Application Service Provider in 2001

In 1998 when the Computer Channel published educational videos featuring Al Enzweiler marketing the 1998 version of Enzweiler’s Architecture Team Methodology, included with the video was a white paper published by Herb Edelstein a Principal at Two Crows Consulting on Data Mining.

In 2023 databases are being maintained using social media systems and digital advertising systems which were not being maintained in 2001.

In 2023 databases are still being maintained using; Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems, Human Capital Management Systems, State-of-the-Art Financial Systems, and other systems which could be architected by members of an Architecture Team using their organization chart(s) to be developed, to be used to maintain databases, to be used by managers to hit metric targets for managing their responsibilities.

Using Direct Mail Campaigns to Market Al Enzweiler Conducting the Seminar Benchmarking World Class System Seminars

Executive Education business units of universities used direct mail campaigns to market Al Enzweiler conducting the seminar Benchmarking World Class System seminars. In the early 2000s, Al Enzweiler decided to use to digitally market Enzweiler’s Architecture Team Methodology and to stop flying around the United States and Canada conducting seminars. Below is a copy of the direct mail piece used by Pacific Lutheran University to market one of the last Benchmarking World Class System seminars conducted by Al Enzweiler.