Requesting a Quote

All that is required to request a quote to collaborate with the firm’s proposed Senior System Architect to complete the 2020 iteration of Enzweiler’s A-Team Methodology is the number of senior management teams responsible for operating their enterprise as planned.  The fixed fee to collaborate to complete the Architect, Evaluate and Plan phases is correlated to the number of senior management to be a relatively small fee for any size enterprise that publishes their earnings.

Validating That the Quoted Consulting Fee is Relatively Small

Requesting quotes from other consulting firms that will propose starting their next client’s engagements with one of their firm’s Senior System Architects that can collaborate with the members of a senior management team to staff an A-Team responsible for deciding to develop their managers’ architected Targets System that will be used to realize the #1 Benefit enabled by IT for a very long duration, can be used as the data to validate that the quoted fee is relatively small. 

Fixed Fee Is Payable in Three (3) Equal Progress Payments

The fixed fee is payable in three (3) equal progress payments due upon acceptance for the Architect, Evaluate and Plan deliverables.

Fixed Fee to Collaborate to Start the Manage Phase

If required, the fixed fee to collaborate with the A-Team as their plans are executed is quoted at the completion of the Plan phase.

Collaborations Are Completed Using Collaboration Technologies

All collaborations are completed using collaboration technologies.  After completing the Plan phase the A-Team’s Senior System Architect can be engaged to be on-site.

Deliverables Are Documented in a PowerPoint

All documented deliverables are documented in PowerPoint decks. Undocumented deliverables are the answers to questions during the A-Team’s collaborations to complete the Architect, Evaluate and Plan phases.

Request a Quote

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