Lesson Learned the Hard Way

During one of his “Planning a State-of-the-Art Financial System” seminars, Al Enzweiler used the name of a client’s CFO who during a seminar asked and got answers to questions on how to;

  • Consistently make managers’ contributions to hitting top line targets, which an Architecture Team could decide will be set and hit during collaborations to architect, plan to develop and start using customer demand forecasting models correlated to supply chain planning models
  • Configure, demonstrate, implement an ERP System, which had been architected and developed by an IT supplier, for a small budget to be used by an enterprise to maintain data which will be used by managers to hit their metric targets for managing their responsibilities and as an integral part of a State-of-the-Art Financial System used to realize productivity gains performing responsibilities; transacting their enterprise’s business with customers and suppliers, compensating their enterprise’s human resources and publishing their enterprise’s financial statements

and decided to be the initial member of an Architecture Team. The next week a seminar participant hired a client’s initial member of an Architecture Team.  After learning that lesson the hard way, Al Enzweiler decided it is in his clients’ best interest to quit publishing their names.

Evaluating Consulting Firms That Use an Architecture Team Methodology

Deciding not to publish clients’ names was an easy decision for one of a small consulting firm’s Senior System Architecteds to make. 

Consulting firms which are still using an Architecture Team methodology are evaluated by reading the firm’s proposal on the Internet and then initial member(s) of the next client’s Architecture Team collaborating with the proposed Senior System Architect to plan to complete the firm’s methodology over a very short duration and to get a quote on the fixed price consulting fee to plan to start using Targets System(s) as their enterprise’s #1 System over a very long duration.