Lesson Learned the Hard Way

During one of the Planning a State-of-the-Art Financial System seminars one of a small consulting firm’s Senior System Architect used the name of a client’s CFO that attended the seminar got answers to questions on how the #1 Benefit enabled by IT could be realized for a very long duration and how a State-of-the-Art Financial System could be used to realize the other benefits enabled by IT, and then championed with the members of senior management teams staffing an A-Team responsible for completing the current iteration of Enzweiler’s A-Team Methodology.  The next week one of the seminar participants hired a client’s Enzweiler’s A-Team Methodology champion.

After learning that lesson the hard way, one of a small consulting firm’s Senior System Architects decided it was in clients’ best interest to quit publishing the names of clients.

Evaluating Consulting Firms That Use an A-Team Methodology

Deciding not to publish clients’ names was an easy decision for one of a small consulting firm’s Senior System Architects to make, as consulting firms that use an A-Team Methodology are not evaluated by checking references.  Consulting firms that use an A-Team Methodology are evaluated by prospective members of an A-Team collaborating with one of the firm’s Senior System Architect’s for a very short duration to get answers to their questions on how;

  • #1 Benefit enabled by IT could be realized by members of their senior management team(s) and the managers on their organization chart(s) using architected and developed first iteration; planning models, Actual vs Plan dashboards, analytics and data that is maintained by systems, to start continual improvement iterations of planning and managing to hit their metric targets to make their business units’ and/or projects’ contributions to hitting their enterprise’s earnings targets
  • Other benefits enabled by IT could be realized by multiple business units on organization chart(s) using State-of-the-Art Financial System(s) architected, developed, configured and implemented to streamline and automate; transacting of their enterprise’s E-Commerce and classic business with customers and suppliers in one or more currencies, compensating of their enterprise’s human resources that are employed, and/or under contract and/or in the Cloud in one or more countries, controlling discretionary SG&A expenses using their enterprise’s internal system of controls, and publishing of their enterprise’s financial statements required to pass an audit by a CPA firm

An A-Team’s senior managers get answers to their questions on realizing the benefits enabled by IT before fees are incurred to complete a consulting firm’s A-Team Methodology, and before contracts are signed for; ERP systems, CRM systems, Cloud, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital transformation and other terms used by IT suppliers and their ecosystem partners to market their products and/or services, that may or may not be required to start realizing the #1 Benefit and other benefits enabled by IT for a very long duration, as planned by an A-Team.