Fimr’s most Senior System Architect answers to questions that could be asked during collaborationst to complete the Architect phase of Enzweiler’s A-Team Methodology

On The Beach

Did You Get Furloughed?

A small consulting firm’s most Senior System Architect was at a neighborhood gathering and one of the neighbors asked, “You’ve been going fishing a lot lately did you get furloughed?”

 The Senior System Architect responded, “No, I am a consultant that is on the beach right not.  On the Beach is a term used by consulting firms when a consultant has completed their last client’s engagement but has not started their next client’s engagement.

While I am on the beach, I enjoy time with my family, go fishing with my friends, stroll into downtown for some good times and use lessons learned completing the last client’s engagement, to make incremental and sometimes breakthrough improvements to a small consulting firm’s A-Team Methodology. 

I have a life that I enjoy, rewarding work that I enjoy collaborating as a member of client’s A-Teams to plan that the #1 Benefit enabled by IT will be realized for a very long duration and my optimal life/work balance.”

What Is the #1 Benefit Enabled by IT?

The neighbor asked, “What is the #1 Benefit enabled by IT?”  The Senior System Architect responded, “Using a Targets System’s first iterations to start continual improvement iterations of hitting metric targets to make contributions to hitting top line targets.”

 I Could Raise the First Round of Capital

The neighbor replied “Holy Cow! I am a venture capitalist that could raise the 1st round of capital that could be used to grow your small consulting firm into a very big consulting firm.  There are thousands of senior managers that would decide to incur consulting fees to start using a Targets System to consistently set and hit their top line targets.”

What Happens After We Raise the 1st Round of Capital?

The Senior System Architect asked, “What happens after we raise the first round of capital?”  The neighbor laughed and said, “That’s the best part.  We use the first year of your consulting firm’s earnings to project at least 5 future years earnings.  The graph of the firm’s projected future earnings would resemble a hockey stick.  Then we announce an IPO and sell your consulting firm’s stock to the public. When the IPO is issued you will make millions.

Millions – Then What?

Senior System Architect asked, “After I make millions, then what would I do?”  The neighbor said, “Then you could retire, enjoy time with your family, go fishing with your friends, stroll into downtown for some good times and maybe you could find some rewarding work that you enjoy so you could balance your life.”

*Credit to Heinrich Böll for a small consulting firm’s most Senior System Architect’s adoption of his Story of the Mexican Fisherman used to answer questions on why Enzweiler, a small consulting firm that uses an A-Team Methodology, is not a big consulting firm.