Benefits Realized by Architecting Their Enterprise’s System from an Enterprise Perspective as of 2018 IT Innovations

#1 Benefit That Can Contribute to Continually Increasing EBITAD Earnings

Setting Targets for; KPIs, EBITAD Earnings, GAAP Earnings and ROI
Hitting Targets for; KPIs, EBITAD Earnings, GAAP Earnings and ROI

Other Benefits That Can Contribute to Reducing Costs and/or Expenses

Other benefits are realized by using the A-Team’s enterprise’s perspective to; consolidate, and/or standardize, and/or streamline the tasks buiness units are responsible for performing and then architecting their enterprise’s System to automate efficient tasks.

Other benefits make a one-time contribution to EBITAD earnings when their enterprise’s System is implemented to automate efficient tasks.  After their enterprise’s System is implemented, it may or may not be possible to realize additional small productivity gains could contribute a reduction in costs and/or expenses incurred by a business unit.

Enterprise’s Data Required to Hit KPI Targets Maintained for Least Costs

Enterprise’s Financial Data Maintained for Least Costs

Enterprise’s E-Commerce and Classic Business With Customers and Suppliers Transacted for Least Costs

Enterprise’s System of Internal Controls Maintained for Least Costs

Enterprise’s System’s Security Maintained for Least Costs