A Win–Win Proposal

The 2020 launch of EnzweilerATeam.com could be a win-win proposal for the next client’s A-Team and a small consulting firm’s most Senior System Architect.

Next Client’s A-Team Wins

The next client’s A-Team wins because they get answers to their questions on how their A-Team could collaborate for a  very short duration to complete the 2020 iteration of Enzweiler’s A-Team Methodology to plan that their managers responsible for operating their enterprise as planned will realize the #1 Benefit enabled by IT for a very long duration, without having to spend the day out of the office and incurring a seminar fee.

Small Consulting Firm’s Most Senior System Architect Wins

A small consulting firm’s most Senior System Architect wins because he can answer questions on completing the 2020 iteration of his small consulting firm’s A-Team Methodology without having to fly around the United States and Canada conducting seminars.

Using Seminars to Market a Small Consulting Firm’s A-Team Methodology

When Enzweiler Group was founded in 1986, as a small consulting firm that uses an A-Team Methodology, the firm’s marketing campaign was; the website Enzweiler.com, the firm’s most Senior System Architect publishing articles and speaking at conferences on how to complete a small consulting firm’s A-Team Methodolgy and referrals from senior managers that had collaborated with one a big consulting firm’s Senior System Architects to complete the firm’s system development methodology that started with an A-Team collaborating for a very short duration to architect a system that would be developed as planned by the A-Team.

Then one day I saw an ad in Inc. magazine soliciting proposals to conduct seminars for universities’ Executive Education business units.  I submitted a proposal on conducting a seminar titled Planning a State-of-the-Art Financial System.  Boston University became the first university to sponsor the seminar.  Within a few years, there were over 20 universities, located in major cities throughout the United States and Canada that sponsored the seminar once or twice a year.

Seminar Starts With Participants Collaborating With a Seminar Leader to Complete the Architect Phase of an A-Team Methodology

Each seminar started with the participants and the seminar leader collaborating to use the participant’s organization chart(s) to architect as of the date of the seminar state-of-the-art;

  • Supply chain planning systems that could be used by their managers to hit their metric target for increasing customer demand and for fulfilling customer demand to make their business unit(s) and/or projects contributions to hitting top line targets on their enterprise’s income statement
  • Financial system used by multiple business units to realize productivity gains; transacting their enterprise’s business with customers and suppliers, compensating their enterprise’s human resources, maintaining their enterprise’s financial data, and publishing their enterprise’s financial statements to report top line targets have been hit using the managers’ supply chain planning systems

Some seminar participant decided to engage the services of a small consulting firm’s most Senior System Architect to collaborate to complete the then current iteration of Enzweiler’s A-Team Methodology.

Actual vs Metric Targets Dashboard Indicates a New Marketing Campaign Is Required

The last Planning a State-of-the-Art Financial System seminar was conducted in the early 2000s as the Internet’s webinars obsoleted the Executive Education seminars that were sponsored by universities primarily to satisfy CPE requirements.  

Fortunately, when a small consulting firm’s marketing campaign ended the firm’s most Senior System Architect had many clients that made referrals on collaborating to complete the firm’s A-Team Methodology.  Unfortunately, in 2020 many of the firm’s clients have retired.

Lately a small consulting firm’s Actual vs Metric Targets dashboard for number of opportunities in the pipeline has been indicating that a new marketing campaign is required.  The firm’s most Senior System Architect is optimistic that the 2020 launch of EnzweilerATeam.com will be a win-win proposal.