Date and Time

Al Enzweiler’s preferred dates and times to schedule an Initial Investigation are Monday through Thursday, 8am to 12pm eastern time zone. Please propose date(s) and time(s) to schedule your Initial Collaboration. Within 24 hours of receiving a request to schedule an Initial Investigation, Al Enzweiler will respond to confirm the requested date and time or propose alternative dates and times.

Preparing for an Initial Investigation

Initial Investigations are a phone call. If there is more than one initial member of your Architecture Team, then please arrange a conference call. Provide the phone number Al Enzweiler is to call in your request to schedule an Initial Investigation.

The fixed price consulting fee to plan to go-live within small budgets using Targets System(s) as the next client’s #1 system, is based on the number enterprises consolidated on audited financial statements. If your audited financial statements are not published by the SEC, then please be prepared to provide the number of enterprises which will start consistently make their contributions to hitting consolidated earnings targets using Targets Systems.

What Happens After Completing an Initial Investigation?

If the fixed price consulting fee quoted at the completion of the next client’s Initial Investigation is accepted, then Al Enzweiler will;

  • Send an engagement letter confirming acceptance of the fixed price consulting fee to the senior manager who will be responsible for wiring progress payments to Al Enzweiler immediately upon acceptance of the deliverables for; Architect, Demonstrate, Evaluate and Plan phases and to confirm the individual who has been designated as Al Enzweiler’s contact for sending documents and for scheduling Architecture Team collaborations
  • Send a Gantt chart which will illustrate how short the very short durations will be to complete Enzweiler’s Architecture Team Methodology, as will be planned by the next client’s Architecture Team at the completion of the Architect phase
  • Confirm the mutually agreed date to start Architect phase collaborations
  • Send a list of metric targets which members of the next client’s Architecture Team could decide will be set and hit by managers on their organization chart(s) using Targets System(s), used to start the Architect phase collaborations

At the completion of the next client’s Architect Phase members of an Architecture Team will; accept the Architect phase deliverables, make the 1st progress payment to Enzweiler, and then collaborate with the team’s Senior System Architect to plan to complete the Demonstration phase, or decide it is time for the team’s Senior System Architect to phase out.

Request to Schedule an Inital Investigation

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