Using a Targets System’s First Iterations Architected and Developed as Planned by an A-Team to Complete the 2020 Iteration of Enzweiler’s A-Team Methodology

Next client’s Architecture Team (A-Team) will decide, over a very short duration during collaborations with team’s Senior System Architect to complete the Architect phase, that the #1 Benefit enabled by IT is going live within a very small budget, as will be planned by the A-Team to complete the Plan phase, using architected and developed Targets System’s first iterations to start continual improvement iterations of;

  • Setting top line targets and the budgeting the SG&A expenses listed on their enterprise’s income statement used to compute at least four (4) future quarters’ earnings targets
  • Planning to hit their managers’ metric targets, that the A-Team decided will be set and hit to make business units’ and/or projects’ contributions to hitting top line targets

To start realizing the #1 Benefit enabled by IT for a very long duration.