Senior A-Team Consultant and the Venture Capitalist

“On the Beach”

I was at a neighborhood gathering and one of the neighbors asked “I haven’t seen you go to work lately, did your get laid off?

No, I am a Senior A-Team consultant that is “on the beach” right now.  “On the beach” is the term used by consulting firms when one of their consultants has completed their last client’s engagement but has not started their next client’s engagement.  When I am on the beach; I enjoy time with my family, go fishing with my friends, stroll into town for some good times and reflect on my last client’s A-Team Project to improve my A-Team Methodology so my next client’s A-Team Project will be my best A-Team Project. 

I have a life that I enjoy, rewarding work that I enjoy and my optimal life/work balance.

The neighbor asked “What is an A-Team Project?”  I collaborate with one or two of my clients’ senior managers a for very short duration to be their enterprise’s A-Team that architects their enterprise’s System’s planning scenarios, dashboards and analytics that their senior managers, business unit managers, planners and analysts use to set and hit their earnings targets. 

We Can Take the Enzweiler A-Team Public

The neighbor replied “Holy Cow, I am a venture capitalist that could get the 1st round of funding required to build your A-Team consulting firm into a very big consulting firm.  There are thousands of senior managers that would pay big dollar consulting fees for A-Team consulting services to start using their Enterprise’s System to set and hit their targets.

I asked, “What happens after the 1st round of funding?”

The neighbor laughed and said, “That’s the best part.  We use the growth trends from your firm’s first 2 years to project your firm’s growth for the next 5 years.  The graph of projected revenue, margins and earnings would resemble a hockey stick.  Then we announce an IPO and sell your consulting firms’ stock to the public and you become very rich, you would make millions!”

“Millions – Then What?”

The neighbor said, “Then you would retire, enjoy time with your family, go fishing with your friends, stroll into town for some good times and maybe you could find some rewarding work that you enjoy so you could balance your life.”

*Credit to Heinrich Böll for my adoption of his Story of the Mexican Fisherman to explain one of my life’s guiding principles.

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